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Data are moving everywhere

They can tell us a lot of things

if we use them the right way


Working with data, analyzing it in every possible way, is not just technicality.

When you realize that the digital world is made up of numbers only, and you know how to manage them, your vision changes.

It's like an art.


ZEE9 Founder and Director - Analytics & Information Architect / Data Scientist

Great experience, multiskilled


  • Economics, Venice Ca' Foscari University

  • Certified Data Scientist (Data Science Central - USA)


  • Yoga, Reflexology, Guitar and Drums, Bike, Photography


Born in Treviso, Italy, from a French father and Italian mother, I started to become an IT passionate in the early 80’s when I got the top position at an IBM RPG II course among 70 participants.


After the University (Economics, Venice Ca’ Foscari) I was hired by one of the first Software House where I contributed to develop an ERP platform by using the Assembler language, installing software and training companies managers and employees, assisting and consulting them.


I specialized in almost all the businesses and companies activities, having visited hundreds of customers during 15 years.


At the end of the last century I moved to the South Tyrol Italian region and I was hired by a big IT Italian player, starting to move everywhere in Italy working on Business Intelligence and Management Control projects, even for the government administration.


Working on data, creating reports and dashboards starting from relational databases and any data source, merging technical and business skills and modelling projects became my main activity.


In the first 20 years of this century my skills and expertise exponentially grew, having led many important analytics and business intelligence projects even for big international firms. I’ve approached and acquired the BPMN and UML modelling techniques, applying them in all the Projects and works I led.


Recently my entrepreneur spirit grew up pushing me to create my own company basing it in London.