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 New Frontier 


 Artificial Intelligence 


AI can provide extraordinary benefits, but like all technology, it can have negative impacts unless it’s built and used responsibly.

We are committed to implementing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions to achieve the best balance between humans and algorithms.

We work with this in mind.



Beyond Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is fascinating, but arts, culture, creativity, genius, sensitivity, love for life fascinate us the most. We are entering a new era, a new balance  should be in order.

AI systems can only benefit the world if we make them reliable and safe. But we think it's not enough.

We should reflect on our purpose on Earth as human beings before extolling AI as salvation. It could be, if we put it in the right place.


Left Brain, Right Brain.

Are you aware that you are using your left brain almost exclusively when thinking about data and analysis? Artificial intelligence relies solely on the behavior of our left brain.

When AI becomes sophisticated enough to exactly emulate our left brain, what do you think separates us from it?

The concept of the human brain. The righ


Exploring a new Era for Humans

Instead of being afraid of AI we should consider it a great helping revolution, as long as we preserve our human peculiarities.

Human beings have two brain sides, the Left (rational, logic, analytic) and the Right (irrational, creative).

We don't know if AI might one day acquire an irrational side, but we prefer to consider that part as a human trait.

Left Brain, Right brain: AIQLIBRIUM.


We are exploring this new field in the purpose to participate in the creation of new paradigms.

With the contribution of people with different experience and skills ZEERED wants to become an active player.


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